Our Driving Exam app now available in English and Polish

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Our Driving Exam app now available in English and Polish

Our driving exam app has now been translated and reissued, in partnership with Netökuskólinn. The popular app now features complete exams in English and Polish.

This update is intended to help non-Icelandic speakers to rehearse for the Icelandic driving exam. Frumherji has been offering driving exams in a few languages, with English and Polish being the most popular.

The driving exams offered by Netökuskólinn in English and Polish have been popular so there was a need for practice exams in these languages. The Bílpróf app solves that.

The app is a collection of written driving exam questions that users can practice on. The structure and questions are the same as on the actual exam and the results are presented in the same format. The app is a great way to practice for the actual driving exam.

„We are aware of a demand for smartphone solutions and it is especially convenient to practice for the driving exam in this way. We had a great response to the app when we released it and quickly realised that there was a real demand for practice exams in more languages. And that is why we have now added practice exams in English and Polish. This enables even more people to prepare for the written exam, and helps us increase road safety. We are really happy to be able to offer the app in English and Polish in addition to Icelandic, especially since the app costs nothing and contains no ads. Everyone wins."

- Karlotta Halldórsdóttir, Loss prevention.

Now all you have to do is download the app and get started.