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It is now really easy to buy Medical Cost Insurance on our website.

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Our cus­tomers that are claim free and mem­bers of Stofn loyalty pro­gram re­ceive a re­fund on their pre­mium once a year.

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Members of Stofn receive a 20% discount on car seats for children at Ólivía og Oliver. Bílanaust a leading vendor of car parts and products offers a 20% discount on Britax child car seats.

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Flat tire, dead car battery or out of gas? Members of our customer loyalty program Stofn can contact Sjóvá Roadside Assistance. Call 440 2222, we are by the phone 24/7.

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Medical Cost Insurance
Now it is easier to buy a Medical Cost Insurance at Sjova. It is not necessary any more to complete a questionnaire with medical information. Instead you can apply for the insurance on our website,, pay the premium and we send a confirmation to the Directorate of Immigration. In the application process you are informed about the fact that the insurance does not cover diseases diagnosed or accidents occurred before the affect date of the policy.