Sickness Cost Insurance

Mind the gap and be sure that you are covered before arriving in Iceland.

Bridge the gap

All foreign citizens from countries outside EU or EFTA who apply for a residence permit in Iceland, are required to obtain a Sickness Cost Insurance which is valid for at least six months or until they have earned rights to be covered by the Icelandic Social Security Scheme. This insurance is also intended to bridge the gap for others, both foreigners and Icelanders with foreign domicile, that are moving to Iceland for a shorter or longer period.

The cover is in broad terms like the Social Security Scheme although with certain restriction which are stated in the insurance terms.

Application process

An english application form can be obtained here and you can send it by e-mail. Sjóvá only accepts applications that are correctly filled out and signed by the insured person. All questions on the application form need to be answered. To fill out the question “insurance period”, write the estimated arrival date to Iceland.

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Detailed information

Sickness Cost Insurance is only valid in Iceland and is adjusted to a clause of the Icelandic Social Security Act No. 117/1993 and the Act on Foreigners No. 96/2002 and regulation 53/2003 which determines that an individual is required to have obtained such insurance upon arrival in Iceland.

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Are you a legal resident of an EU state or other states that fall under the EEA agreement ?

Legal residents of EU member states (and states that fall under the EEA agreement) who carry an E-104 certificate automatically benefit from their SSI from the point of arrival in Iceland and are therefore not required to obtain Sickness Cost Insurance.

Opening hours at the office are Monday through Friday from 08:30 - 16:30 local time. 

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